Welcome to MRM GmbH, your company for waste management and recycling.

Due to a rapidly growing demand for raw materials and simultaneously decreasing resources the price of all kinds of raw materials has rocketed in the last decades. It is a trend that is set to continue.

This development has led to an increase in the economic and ecologic pressure on the industrial sector. The MRM GmbH has specialised in reducing this pressure for three generations. In order to achieve our goal, we always endeavor to organise cost-effective and fuel-efficient transportation, achieve the best possible prices for our customers when selling their materials and dispose of or recycle materials with the best suitable method. Our experience gathered over decades and the business relationships resulting from our strong market position are priceless in helping achieve these goals for our customers.

We hope to be able to welcome you as a new customer soon so that you too will be able to benefit from our experience!
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